[Linux-aus] Nomination for Council Member / Treasurer

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sun Dec 21 23:35:16 EST 2014

This discussion is mostly silly. I have met Sam on many occasions. I've had him interview me and quote me on several occasions. In terms of his journalism I don't think there are any valid criticisms.

His opinions differ from mine in many areas, but opinion pieces are there for someone to share their opinions and of course the editor will defend the author of an opinion piece for expressing an unpopular opinion. People who disagree with Sam's opinions are free to tell him. I prefer to tell him via email or when I meet him but the comment section is also an option.

Now if Sam was to run for committee then people might decide to vote against him so that the committee can get consensus faster. But wanting to vote against someone who is employed by the same organization is just silly.
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