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Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Thu Dec 18 10:50:45 EST 2014

Hello David

On 12/18/2014 10:24 AM, David Williams wrote:
> Your comment about "hostility towards the organisation" is not a reasonable statement. It is a technology news site. You are, I believe, referring to a particular contributor who has their own opinion column which is unrelated to me.

I am referring to two people, a contributor who needs no introduction, 
and the co-founder and editor, who has shown continued poor judgement in 
the use of private conversations for the betterment of his publication.

> Indeed, you cannot have it both ways. Linux Australia has on at least two occasions sought permission to republish two of my stories for its own use at various events. So, it is evil or not?

Is Linux Australia Evil?

Is Linux Australia wanting to use your columns Evil?
As long as they attribute it correctly, and don't edit or modify what is 
said to suit their own agenda, No.

Is ITwire Evil?
I've had both positive and negative interactions with the publication, 
so I'm not going to comment.

Are you Evil?
I would hope not, as that would mean I have competition.

> However, nevertheless, when I nominated there were no candidates for Treasurer. Now there are two. If my presence inspired those nominated to accept their nominations then I have perhaps already done more for this process than others.

My point is not that you stood for a number of positions and failed to 
disclose something that people might have taken in a negative light, but 
that you could have addressed any questions clearly and adequately 
before voting opened, and in doing so, can be construed a number of ways.

This is, as always, my 2 cents, You may even get change from that if you 
go to the right shop.

>> On 18 Dec 2014, at 10:06 am, Steve Walsh <steve at nerdvana.org.au> wrote:
>> Hi David
>>> On 12/18/2014 08:15 AM, David Williams wrote:
>>> Yes, that's me!
>> I find that your failure to disclose your affiliation with a media organisation that has a long history of hostility towards the organisation in your nomination statement a bit concerning. I'm sure you'd understand that those of us who have interactions with various employees of the publication might take such an oversight like this, as accidental as it might be, in an unfortunately negative light.
>> Perhaps it might be worthwhile for the council in 2015 (whoever that might be) to kick off a discussion on the policy on the relevant list and/or lists with the intent to require any members standing for council election to disclose organisational affiliation?
>> regards
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