[Linux-aus] Declining Nomination to LA Council

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Tue Dec 16 11:16:32 EST 2014

Hi Tim,

This is absolutely right, and very awesome. Linux Australia is indeed
much more than the council, it is the whole community. The organisation
is siimply what we, as a group, want to make it.

Thank you very much for your continued hard work on AV and PyCon AU. You
are one of many people who make this community rock!

There are plenty of ways to be involved in LA so if there is something
that interests anybody feel free to put your hand up as it'll be much
appreciated. We are always looking for help in running the website,
zookeepr, AV contributions and so on.


On 15/12/14 15:31, Tim Ansell wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> TL;DR - Declining nomination but *continuing to contribute*.
> Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who nominated me for the position
> of Linux Australia Council Member, I am however choosing to decline
> the nomination.
> I'm declining because I believe my effort is better spent contributing
> to Linux Australia through avenues other than the council. Looking at
> the current list of nominations, I'm confident that no matter the
> outcome of the election, LA will continue to be in good hands. 
> I continue to strongly believe in Linux Australia's goals and will
> continue to contribute through active involvement with PyCon AU and
> helping with A/V.
> The council has long said that Linux Australia is more than just the
> council and that members who want to see actions should actively
> pursue them. With the extra effort this years council has made setting
> up the subcommittee format I believe this is even more true than ever.
> I hope my efforts will continue to be one example of this and
> hopefully encourage others to also contribute too.
> Looking forward to an exciting 2015!
> Tim 'mithro' Ansell
> Blog - http://blog.mithis.net/
> TimVideos Project - http://code.timvideos.us/
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