[Linux-aus] Minutes of Council Meeting 03 December 2014

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Sun Dec 7 20:55:55 EST 2014

As always, feedback warmly welcomed,
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    1. Meeting overview and key information


Joshua Hesketh, Kathy Reid, Sae Ra Germaine, Josh Stewart, Christopher 


Hugh Blemings, Francois Marier

Meeting opened by Joshua at 1947 and quorum was achieved

      Key Stats

Stats not collected this fortnight

      MOTIONthat the previous minutes of 19 November are correct
      MOVED by Sae Ra
      SECONDED by Josh
      CARRIED with two abstentions

    2. Log of correspondence

      Motions moved on list

MOTION by JOSHUA HESKETH that a $400 grant be given to Drupal Camp 
Sydney for a Christmas event, given the recent profit returned by this 
event, requested by MAGDA KOSTRZEWA
CARRIED by a majority of Council on list

      General correspondence


    Drupal Developers’ Conference 2015 grant request from GEMMA ROSE
    Council has been discussing this on list and awaits further
    community feedback.
    For discussion at next Council teleconf.


    Council elections and nominations update
    In progress, some nominations have been made.
    ACTION: Joshua to send reminder to list


    Annual General Meeting (AGM) update
    ACTION: Kathy and Joshua to get on to this as a priority this week


    Office bearer reports
    In progress
    ACTION: Office bearers to progress


    Request to house LinuxSA hosting on Linux Australia servers from
    ACTION: Kathy to make contact with David to acknowledge request
    ACTION: Joshua to shoulder tap the admin team and see what’s possible


    Request for venue hire to be umbrella’d by Debian meeting from
    In progress, will be organised as part of linux.conf.au
    No further action required, can be removed from minutes next meeting

3. Review of action items from previous meetings


    Discussions with Rusty Wrench team around announcing nominations
    In progress
    ACTION: Need to ensure that Wrench will be in Auckland for awarding


    Minutes after 6th May missing from website
    UPDATE: Council has been made aware of the missing minutes; they
    will be published in due course.


    ACTION: Joshua Hesketh to seek closure reports on closed events,
    being DrupalGov, JoomlaDay Sydney, WordCampSydney


    ACTION in progress with Admin team for 3 year spending plan for
    hardware replacement


    ACTION with Josh Hesketh to ensure 3 year server support package in
    Actions are in progress with Admin Team
    UPDATE: Admin Team have a hackfest coming up soon and this can be
    added to the agenda for the Admin Team to discuss. Generally in


    Discussion of YouTube assets raised by KATHY REID based on
    discussions with TIM ANSELL
    ACTION: Josh Stewart to work through with Tim Ansell in due course
    In progress, Josh has been working with LCA2015 team on this too.
    Awaiting access to servers to continue, but generally in progress
    UPDATE: Access to YouTube accounts sorted, and metadata for missing
    4 LCA years has been found (2010, 2011, 2013, 2009), test uploads
    have been successful.
    Huge thanks are extended to LEON


    ACTION: brand/logo policy needs to go on backburner


    ACTION: We need to set up a VM to enable continuous delivery for
    ACTION: Joshua to discuss with LCA2016 process for managing ZooKeepr
    UPDATE: In progress with admin team. LCA2016 are aware.
    UPDATE: We want to be smarter about how we do continuous integration
    with ZooKeepr, there is some discussion and work to be done here
    between Geelong LCA2016 team, Admin Team and Joshua. Dependent on
    Geelong deployment timeframes.


    ACTION: Kathy to use @linuxaustralia account to retweet @linuxconfau
    UPDATE: In progress

    4. Items for discussion


        LCA2015 update
        In progress


        LCA2016 update
        Request for hosting received, in progress
        Generally progressing well


        LCA2017 update
        Site visits in planning, coming up soon


        PyCon AU update
        RECEIVED wrap up of financials from Russell Stuart with thanks
        ACTION: Christopher to catch up with them in due course


        Drupal South
        In progress


        Drupal Gov


        Expenses claim submitted by Magda


        Some financials to wrap up, Speakers’ Gifts in progress

    5. Items for noting

    6. Other business


    Do we still need a Risk Register? Should we put some focus on it?
    ACTION: Kathy to update Risk Register and bring back to Council for
    No update since last meeting


    Financial year closed

    IN PROGRESS: Francois to work with Auditor to sign off 2013/2014

TO NOTE: Office Bearers to start thinking about Office Bearer reports 
for the AGM

    7. In camera

ACTION: to discuss 31st meeting and rescheduling on list

Three items were discussed in camera

Meeting closed 2018hrs

NEXT MEETING: 17th December 1945hrs

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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