[Linux-aus] Questions and suggestions re Linux Australia travel grants (formerly Regional Delegate Programs)

Ian ilox11 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 22:22:14 EST 2014

Could I please have some clarification on this motion of the Face-To-Face
Meeting 2014 and how this might work as it leaves me a bit more confused
than usual:

MOTION by Christopher Neugebauer that financial assistance programs such as
the Regional delegates Programme for LCA be moved to the budget of the
relevant conference to administer

SECONDED Hugh Blemings

CARRIED unanimously

Does this mean the LA will decide on a figure which will then be
transferred as a budget item for that Year's LCA Committee to then run it
as a part of their planning and management of the event?


Does the Year's LCA Committee decide how much of their Budget will be spent
on the program and then run it as a part of their planning and management?

OR is it something other than what I might be understanding it to be?

In recent years there has been talk about seeking extra funding to ensure
more people can attend as costs of  travel and accommodation have jumped
considerably especially when travel to/from countries overseas from the
candidates are considered. Would this aspect of budget amounts be better
kept within the capacity of LA to decide on a budgetary basis as well as
candidate criteria and then when the outlines are agreed pass that onto the
Year LCA Committee to manage?

Separate from the above questions but still within the gamut of this post
is the question of the day-to-day management of the travel grants program.
Generally previous members tasked with management of the selection and
evaluation of candidates then the management of the travel and
accommodation and all the other little tasks have found it to be a very
full on and complex role and one that has burned out a number of people
over the years.

Could there be a group of non-Council/non-LCA Committee members set up to
fulfil these roles as an ongoing sub-Committee of either LA or the relevant
LCA? Thus expertise and skills would not be learned and lost from one year
to the next and there would always be a group of people with relevant
skills able to assist from year to year. Overall management and
responsibility would always be at the top level but with appropriate
direction and reporting the sub-Committee could carry on with the task set
out for them.

Note: Having been a recipient of this Program in the past I have a vested
interest in seeing it not only continue but develop to fulfil what I
believe to be a real need amongst the Linux/OpenSource community of this

-- Ian
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