[Linux-aus] Proposal: LA to donate to the Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Wed Sep 25 10:57:43 EST 2013

Hi David,

That's very secondary to our aim here. I think this is a good way of
remembering Malcolm and his great work in our community. We'll chat to
the DSF and if they'd like to recognise us they are more than welcome
to, but it is their prize.


On 25/09/13 10:54, David Lloyd wrote:
> Would a fund donator of this size (which may be large or small, I
> don't have the info on this and am quite aware that 'size' is relative
> :P) be eligible to be listed as a sponsor or donor? Does the fund work
> this way?
> On 25/09/2013, at 8:24 AM, Joshua Hesketh <josh at nitrotech.org
> <mailto:josh at nitrotech.org>> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> The council was aware of the Memorial Prize and discussed it last
>> night in our teleconf.
>> From our draft minutes:
>> MOTION by Joshua Hesketh that Linux Australia support the Malcolm
>> Tredinnick Memorial Prize to the value of $AUD1500 on the
>> understanding that funding for future years for the Prize would be
>> assessed on a case by case basis. SECONDED by Kathy Reid. Passed
>> unanimously.
>> Cheers,
>> Josh
>> On 25/09/13 08:44, Michael Davies wrote:
>>> +1 
>>> I agree.  It would be good to recognise Malcolm's efforts in our
>>> community in this way.
>>> Michael...
>>> -- 
>>> Michael Davies   michael at the-davies.net <mailto:michael at the-davies.net>
>>> Rackspace Australia
>>> On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Mary Gardiner <mary at puzzling.org
>>> <mailto:mary at puzzling.org>> wrote:
>>>     Hi all,
>>>     The Django Software Foundation has announced the Malcolm Tredinnick
>>>     Memorial Prize, in honour of Malcolm and remembering his death
>>>     in March:
>>>     """
>>>     Malcolm Tredinnick joined the Django project as a core developer in
>>>     early 2006. He was deeply involved in many part of Django - most
>>>     notably, the ORM, but many other internals bear his fingerprints.
>>>     Django’s support for unicode, and autoescaping in templates can
>>>     both be
>>>     almost entirely attributed to Malcolm.
>>>     But his contributions weren't just code. He was also a prolific
>>>     communicator. He logged thousands of messages in django-users,
>>>     helping
>>>     people learn Django, sharing his expertise freely and openly. He
>>>     also
>>>     logged thousands of messages in django-developers, helping shape the
>>>     framework we all use today[…]
>>>     With Malcolm’s memory in mind, the Django Software Foundation is
>>>     proud
>>>     to announce that with this blessing of his family, we will be
>>>     establishing an award in Malcolm’s name.
>>>     The award will be a monetary prize, awarded annually, to the
>>>     person who
>>>     best exemplifies the spirit of Malcolm’s work - someone who
>>>     welcomes,
>>>     supports and nurtures newcomers; freely gives feedback and
>>>     assistance to
>>>     others, and helps to grow the community. The hope is that the
>>>     recipient
>>>     of the award will use the award stipend as a contribution to
>>>     travel to a
>>>     community event -- a DjangoCon, a PyCon, a sprint -- and continue in
>>>     Malcolm’s footsteps.
>>>     """
>>>     https://www.djangoproject.com/weblog/2013/sep/16/announcing-malcolm-tredinnick-memorial-prize/
>>>     Since Malcolm was a long-time Australian Free Software community
>>>     member,
>>>     in particular attending and speaking at LCA several times as well as
>>>     PyCon AU, I'd like to propose that LA make a donation to this
>>>     fund, of a
>>>     size that suits Council's budget.
>>>     This isn't really a grant request in the normal sense (
>>>     http://linux.org.au/projects/grants ) but I'm sending this to
>>>     this list
>>>     for member feedback in the same spirit.
>>>     I guess the major negative I can see is that while Australians
>>>     would be
>>>     eligible to receive the prize, realistically it's likely that
>>>     the funds
>>>     would be awarded to someone elsewhere.
>>>     Note re conflicts of interest: I am not a member of the Django
>>>     Software
>>>     Foundation, nor did the DSF ask me to make this request (in
>>>     fact, they
>>>     don't know about it). I'm not a Django contributor or community
>>>     member
>>>     and am therefore exceptionally unlikely to benefit personally
>>>     from the
>>>     prize in the foreseeable future.
>>>     -Mary
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