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Hi everyone,
Minutes of Council Meeting 10th September are below for your reading 
As always your comments, questions and feedback are warmly welcomed.
Kind regards,


Council Minutes Tuesday 10 September 2013

MINUTES Council Meeting

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
2. Log any correspondence for discussion or receipt
3. Review state of action items from previous meetings
4. Discuss starred items
5. Note any unstarred items
6. Other business

Meeting opened 1947hrs

Present: Josh 'El Presidente' Hesketh, Ms Bianca Gibson, Mr Josh 
Stewart, Ms Kathy Reid, Mr Francois Marier
Apologies: Mr Hugh Blemings, Mr Clinton Roy

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
NOTE: That correspondence was received from MARY GARDINER further to the 
last minutes indicating that further discussion and decision is required 
around the Rusty Wrench Award.

MOTION that the minutes from 27 August are correct by El Presidente, 
seconded JOSH STEWART, carried unanimously

2. Log of correspondence


    In the period since 27 August, 9additional members have joined Linux
    Australia. Membership now stands at 2984according to MemberDB.


    Grant application from ANDREW DONNELAN for CompCon 2013 for travel
    expenses for ELENA WILLIAMS. Information has been provided, awaiting
    Andrew sending the request to linux-aus list for community feedback.
    Awaiting feedback from Andrew Donnelan


    Correspondence regarding KENNARDS STORAGE
    About half of the stuff has been removed, SFD Melbourne team has
    collected a lot of gear to give away


    Progress on Member Survey
    ACSPRI has been contacted, no response
    ACTION: Kathy to contact other providers


    Correspondence with LINUX USERS VICTORIA (LEV LAFAYETTE) regarding
    motion to be tabled at their AGM on 3rd September to disincorporate
    and reform as an LA Subcommittee
    No follow up action required as the motion did not pass

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

(Refer Trello for action items and please update current status before 

Enquiry from SASCHA GROß regarding UEFI secure boot
ACTION: Hugh to follow up with John Ferlito and identify next actions

ACTION: El Presidente to follow up with PAUL SZYNDLER of auDA to 
identify current progress and any actions required. LA has not yet paid 
them the agreed sponsorship amount of $2000.
Paul responded, El Presidente to follow up again.

ACTION: Bianca to email linux-aus list seeking one-off articles for 
Feedback has been provided, Bianca to send email

ACTION: El Presidente to follow up calls for participation for Webteam

ACTION: Clinton to send Francois his Westpac customer number

Discussion around existing Pycon-AU account and whether this can be 

ACTION: Francois to add Clinton to the account

4. Items for discussion


        LCA2014 update
        ACTION: Council to assist in getting the word out and in
        promoting the event
        Event planning proceeding well

        ACTION: Josh Hesketh to follow up with MICHAEL STILL regarding
        laptops from LCA2012 and shipping them to LCA2014

        Laptops are in Canberra in storage, Perth have purchased new
        ones due to need for firewire. Laptops will still be sent to
        Perth, and can be used for rego desk etc.


        LCA2015 bid submission update
        Geelong visit concluded, Auckland visit coming up


        Drupal South
        Coming up in February, proceeding very well


        Drupal Gov
        ACTION: El Pres to contact LEANNE SHORB for post event wrap-up


        Joomla Day Sydney
        ACTION: El Pres to make contact to identify progress.


        Open Food Web
        ACTION: Bianca to make contact to identify progress.

5. Items for noting

http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/- 11 days to go until Software Freedom Day

6. Other business

7. In camera

Two matters were held in confidence and are not disclosed to protect 

Meeting closed 2014hrs

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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