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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sat Oct 19 13:25:37 EST 2013

On Sat, 19 Oct 2013 10:28:12 Peter Lawler wrote:
> I mean, look at it this way. I can imagine that to have just one Auslan
> interpreter for the entire conference would be pretty expensive
> particularly as they may need training to be able to do some of the more
> technical language (and personally, I'd kinda quite like to see LA help
> ensure there are technically literate signers in .au but I digress).
> Heck, I'm not sure even if one could hire an Auslan signer to 'work' for
> a little under 12 hours a day for five days straight. Probably need at
> least two...

A typed transcript of talks would probably be easier/cheaper to manage as well 
as being more useful.

It wouldn't be technically difficult to have an IRC channel for each lecture 
hall so that someone who types really fast could transcribe the talk.  If we 
had such transcripts then they would be a really useful resource for the 
conference archives as Google searches don't cover audio inside video files.  I 
expect that if we had transcripts of talks online then more than a few people 
would end up watching the talks in question after a Google search returned a 
transcript.  Also we do have accent issues with some talks so a live IRC 
transcript available on the web site after the talk would help some people who 
have no hearing problems.

I'm not volunteering to spend an entire conference transcribing talks.  But I 
would be happy to do it for half the talks I attend.  I believe that I can 
type accurately as fast as anyone can speak while being understood by a 
lecture hall full of people.

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