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Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Sat Oct 19 10:28:12 EST 2013

On 19/10/13 09:32, Chris Neugebauer wrote:

> on a case-by-case basis.


> I think LCA could
> do a better job of advertising and formalising this though.

I'd rather like LA/LCA to have formal, advertised, grants to assist
people with difficulties.

Some completely random eg's off the top of my head:
. Guide for person with vision difficulties
. AusLan interpreter
. 'maxitaxi' hire for people in wheelchairs
. assistance in cost of getting a mobility scooter from one side of
country to the other (or a temporary hire if possible for attendees from
. emergency travel expenses to assist someone to go to their family
member who has suddenly been hospitalised
. a bushfire destroying all the possessions, except for those they were
standing in, of a self-employed geek the weekend before the conference

I mean, look at it this way. I can imagine that to have just one Auslan
interpreter for the entire conference would be pretty expensive
particularly as they may need training to be able to do some of the more
technical language (and personally, I'd kinda quite like to see LA help
ensure there are technically literate signers in .au but I digress).
Heck, I'm not sure even if one could hire an Auslan signer to 'work' for
a little under 12 hours a day for five days straight. Probably need at
least two...

If the volunteer organisation LA/LCA has a discussion about how hard up
the lower socio-economic groups are and how we can make it easier, we
need to keep a keen eye on the bottom line so we don't cut off our nose
to spite our face.

Some folks are more equal than others.


PS Yes, two years ago I had similar opinions to the OP but I've kinda
changed my PoV

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