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> On Thu, 21 Nov 2013, "Pidgorny, Slav (GEUS)" <slav.pidgorny at anz.com>
> wrote:
> If someone does such a course in year 12 next year then the course would
> have
> been designed this year if not earlier (they need to get the training
> written
> in advance).  So a year 12 student in 2014 would finish university no
> earlier
> than 2017 and look for work in 2018.  It doesn't seem that a product
> specific
> training course from 2013 would be that useful in 2018.  It would be about
> as
> useful as "MS Windows Vista" specific knowledge is right now.

Some might say just as useful as Windows Vista specific knowledge was when
it was released...

But seriously...  many people of my generation were brought up (home and
school) on the Apple IIe, PC XT/286/386, DOS, Windows 3.1, Word 5.1,
ClarisWorks, Microsoft Works... almost none of which I used after leaving
school and none of which are relevant now.

My first year Uni (1996) included Unix shell scripting, C++ and COBOL
programming - which I thought were archaic at the time but looking back I
think they were fine for teaching general programming concepts.  It also
included things with such as some DOS scripting involving piping commands
into edlin - basically really dodgy hacks.  I always thought this was
archaic as well but in the context of this discussion it taught us how to
do reasonably complicated things with extremely basic tools.  A bit like
XO-1s, Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.


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