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x2. Chris's organisational finesse and ongoing enthusiasm makes him a great candidate. I realize LA's public awareness is something of big focus, but Chris appears to have important views and ideas on other LA matters which I'd argue are pretty important too. 

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This is a message of support for Chris, for any position he runs for. He absolutely worked his butt off to provide two of the most successful conferences I have ever attended. He's organised, careful, enthusiastic, clever and compassionate. You couldn't wish for a better worker or leader. If you vote for Chris, Things Will Gets Done. 

On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 7:07 PM, Chris Neugebauer < chrisjrn at gmail.com > wrote: 

This is addressing both Peter and Mark's concerns in the same 
response, as they basically said the same thing. 

On 17 November 2013 00:38, Peter Lawler < linux-aus at bleeter.id.au > wrote: 
> *Seriously, though. Your email talks about the great stuff you've done with 
> LA folks and the PyCon work you've done, but you've not talked about looking 
> outwards. Could you write a little about what you think you could do for LA 
> in raising general public awareness things about LA, inc FLOSS etc. 

I personally don't have a strong view on how LA can better engage with 
the general public on issues the membership sees as important. This is 
notwithstanding the fact that there are plenty of opportunities for 
the LA council to advocate, or engage professional advocates on 
important FOSS-related issues. 

The various grants the council has given Brendan Scott, for instance, 
have been a great example of LA funding public policy work relevant to 

On a related note, I would be keen for council to facilitate, and 
provide any resources necessary to a public advocacy subcommittee. I'm 
not sure what form such a subcommittee would take, but I'd be happy to 
talk to any interested members to figure out the role. The LA council 
works best when it enables the community to do things, and this would 
be a prime example of just that. 

The role I do have a view on, and one that LA and its programmes have 
been very good at in the past, is outreach to people who are on the 
periphery of the community, or people who might not be aware of 
opportunities in the FOSS community. Getting community members to 
sprints and events is a surprisingly strong source of outreach, and in 
my experience, grateful recipients of help turn out to be the 
strongest of advocates. We should do more of that. 


--Christopher Neugebauer 

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