[Linux-aus] linux-aus mailing list moderation

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Wed Nov 6 15:42:32 EST 2013


The decision was taken earlier today by the Linux Australia Committee to
temporarily place the linux-aus mailing list into moderation mode [1]

This in response to some recent posts to the mailing list that have in
the Committee's view failed the reasonableness test.

Linux Australia values[2] diversity, inclusiveness and the importance of
these topics.  The decision to place the list into moderation is not a
form of censorship over the issues but a response to the inappropriate
and unnecessary personal attacks and inflammatory nature of some of the

We humbly ask all members to pause and reflect that we might return to a
gentler commons.

We further ask that members respect the decision of the moderators who
like the Committee are themselves volunteers and interested in
nothing more than the furtherment of Linux and Free Software/Hardware.

Kind Regards,
Vice President, Linux Australia

This means that all messages get held by the list server and must
specifically be approved by a moderator before it flows on to the list

The moderators are expected to exercise common sense and good judgement
as to whether the message in question is relevant to the audience, in
good taste, unlikely to cause offence and generally consistent with LA's


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