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Mon Nov 4 01:07:32 EST 2013

When i said "Comparing to a person with a mental illness", i meant
Aspergers / Autism, As we've discovered David does in fact have depression.

I apologise to you, David if that final comment affected you, Suicide is
something that is close to my heart and the male suicide is never talked
about at the rate that it should be.


Chew, Swallow, Digest, Protest, Blame, Ostracise.

On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 1:03 AM, Luke Martinez <me at luke.asia> wrote:

> If we need any proof that Technology isn't some Men Only club like the
> feminists absolutely* love* to remind us of, we need only reference the
> complete ostracising and personal attacks we witnessed in the replies to
> Davids post.
> Davids' basic argument was that women are capable, and they shouldn't need
> special treatment, but everyone saw that as an opportunity to shame him and
> attack him, comparing him to a person with an Mental Illness, Guess what?
> There are people in Technology with Aspergers and Autism, so not only did
> you insult him, you dehumanized those people too.
> Congratulations Russell. You dehumanized someone for the sake of a few
> brownie points with the Politically Correct Group.
> Rather than people assessing his argument and responding to it, we had
> people such as Jessica Smith modify the argument from [Women who want to do
> IT are perfectly competent to without special assistance] to [gifting
> favours to incompetent women] in order to make it easier to shoot down,
> congrats to you too. (How does it feel to win a debate against yourself?)
> Later on in the thread I chimed in and said something similar to; "How
> about we accept that because less women have an interest in IT that's maybe
> why there are less women in IT, and that we don't need to go on an Woman
> Finding Crusade, because maybe, just maybe, it's okay." And again my
> argument was implicity reframed by Chris N, who took my argument to mean
> that I believe that women have no interest in IT, which is completely false
> both as an argument and by data. (How does it feel to win a debate against
> yourself?)
> The sad thing is that I've only ever seen people turn to disgusting
> personal attacks and modification of arguments the opposition is posing
> when they have nothing of value to say & no valid points against the
> oppositions argument.
> Labelling people "Neckbeards" because you don't agree with them, as seen a
> couple of times, when, funnily enough, many people here actually do have
> neckbeards. Why can't you comprehend that there is* no* correlation
> between disagreeing with you and having a Neckbeard.
> Further down the thread there was a complaint about how " if you're going
> to suggest such things you actually cite some evidence.", when neither
> party was citing evidence, and the closest thing to evidence that was being
> cited was the _clearly_ biased finallyfeminism and geek feminism wikia.
> (Yea... of course websites that are pro-your-opinion are going to say
> things that are pro-your-opinion... That's a given.)
> Chew, Swallow, Digest.
> David,
> Although I don't agree with your original framing of your email, it could
> have been more tactfully put and less like you're ducking for cover.
> (Contradictions within the text etc) You raised a really valid point, why
> aren't people just people, why are some people worth more to the Linux
> community? or even the Tech Community.
> What does a Woman bring that a Man cannot?
> What does a Man bring that a Woman cannot?
> The answer to both questions is simple, Nothing.
> If women don't want to do IT at the rate that men do, then that might just
> be okay.
> I propose a longer version of your line;* Chew Swallow Digest Protest
> Blame Ostracise;* Because that's exactly what happened here.
> Take care mate.
> Stay safe, remember there's lifeline and other services that you can call
> if you need help.
> And to all the feminists that i've clearly pissed off with all my
> privilege gushing around the place; If only Male Privilege actually
> existed, maybe Russell and I along with every other male wouldn't have a 6x
> greater chance of dieing because of Suicide than females. (Source: Beyond
> Blue)
> -- Luke.


Luke Martinez
me at luke.asia
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