[Linux-aus] Interest in an astronomy miniconf for LCA2014...?

Jessica Smith jessica at itgrrl.com
Fri May 31 12:52:14 EST 2013

Hi all,

I'm thinking of submitting a proposal for an astronomy miniconf for LCA2014
and thought it might be a sensible thing to gauge interest first by polling
this list. (I'm also planning a talk on Linux & open source in professional
and amateur astronomy, for which I'll be submitting a separate proposal.)

Some of the things I'm thinking of incorporating into the miniconf are:

   - Getting in someone prominent from the SKA (Square Kilometre Array)
   project to come and talk about the unique challenges and scale of what
   they'll need to do, and the role that Linux and open source software will
   play in that
    - (A) tutorial session(s) on one or more open source planetarium apps
   (Stellarium, Celestia, KStars)
   - A demo/tutorial of how to use open source apps to control amateur
   (optical) telescopes remotely from a laptop or tablet
   - Someone to talk about amateur radio astronomy (hopefully this would
   include some open source software and/or hardware - I haven't discussed
   this yet with people I know doing amateur radio astronomy)
   - Someone(s) to talk about the various HPC clusters cranking through
   astronomical data at various unis and/or other orgs
   - Um... other stuff... that maybe people on-list could suggest...

So... is anyone interested in seeing this happen? Anyone interested in

(I'm also thinking ahead to organising some activity/ies for an astronomy
BoF, but that's kind of a separate thing.)


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