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euan at dekock.net euan at dekock.net
Sun Mar 31 04:30:42 EST 2013

Thanks Ian, noted, but please push another reminder closer to the event, in case it gets overlooked. We're still building/testing our tracking processes and I'd hate to miss something so important.


Euan de Kock
President - Perth Linux User Group (PLUG)
LCA2014 Organising Committee.

On 30/03/13 19:59 Ian wrote:

I know I had problems with hearing a number of the talks because I wear hearing aids and they just didn't pick up the speaker at times.
Also note that through a miscommunication the hearing Loop system wasn't able to be utilised in Llewellyn Hall as the Tech that could set that up was on leave at the time which meant a few of us had to arrange to be seated at the front to try to hear the keynote speakers. Once they knew of our problems the LCA Team did what they could to help but it was a Hall problem and out of their hands.

Heads-up to future LCA's, check the presence and operation of Loop Induction systems for those of us with hearing loss.

-- Ian

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