[Linux-aus] Request for creation of "Video Recording and Streaming"

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Sat Mar 30 19:26:05 EST 2013

On 30/03/13 18:49, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Tue, 26 Mar 2013, Peter Lawler <linux-aus at bleeter.id.au> wrote:
>> Surely the correct way to handle people one talk from the seating of
>> another would be to put it in the CoC for the conference.
> Of course you could just have a couple of big screen monitors at opposite ends
> of the common area outside the lecture halls and use them to display the two
> talks which have overfilled the rooms allotted to them.  It doesn't seem likely
> that more than two talks would overflow.

I thought about that, then I got to thinking about audio bleed and/or 
people hard of hearing (particularly if no audio loop is available in 
the common areas, which is as I understand fairly typical at venues - 
they concentrate on the hall itself) which then got me to wondering 
about how to get audio into headsets which brought me back to 'just 
stream the thing and let attendees who can't get in due to overcrowding 
or mobility issues sort out the client side issues for themselves and 
encourage people in lectures to not be jerks' ;)


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