[Linux-aus] Announcing DevOps Downunder 2013 Call For Participation

Christian Larsen christian at larsen.net.au
Wed Mar 27 14:22:05 EST 2013

Hi all,

DevOps Down Under 2013 is being held on the 12th and 13th of July in
Ultimo, Sydney.  We're now pleased to announce that the Call For
Participation[0] for DevOps Down Under 2013 is open!

If you have an awesome story to tell about:

 - How you or your organisation has broken the wall between Dev and Ops,
 - A tool you've written to reduce friction when testing / deploying /
 - How DevOps applies to non IT-focused industries,
 - Adapting techniques and methodologies from other disciplines in your
 - Scaling a web infrastructure through awesome tools and team
 - Building a business with small cross-functional teams,
 - Something DevOps related that's new and innovative,
 - Or know someone you'd like to nominate

...then you should submit a talk!

The Call For Participation closes on Friday the 24th of May.

We're keen to hear from interested speakers and are looking forward to
seeing everyone at the conference in July!

0. http://www.devopsdays.org/events/2013-downunder/propose/

Christian Larsen

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