[Linux-aus] 3D Printers & Open Source in The Gold Coast Bulletin + LCA2015 GC Bid.

Steve Dalton steve at refactor.com.au
Mon Mar 11 23:57:26 EST 2013

Hi All

We managed to get an article in the local Gold Coast NewsLtd
newspaper,  "The Gold Coast Bulletin"  last week. It's normally a
pretty negative newspaper and IMHO doesn't cover tech well (just check
out their website!), so we are quite proud of getting in there.


If you can put aside the errors (they ate a thesaurus and turned
"hacking" into "bashing") and the misquoting of myself - it wasn't a
bad article and got us some good publicity. I even got Open Source
mentioned which I think is a first for the Bulletin.

It's probably going to be a regular segment covering a lot of the
projects we have at Techspace, I seem to have a good relationship with
the journalist that I hope to foster. I'd encourage others to do the
same with their local newspapers, it's a bit of a battle getting
through, but with most newspapers really struggling on circulation,
there is a good opportunity for us here.

I am particularly pushing the Free & Open Source Software + Hardware
angle with educators here on the Gold Coast and making a few (albeit
small) inroads. The articles will help - I've already had a few
parents and teachers on the Coast see the article and this has sparked
their interest.

While we are doing EOIs for LCA2015 (I LOVE the fact that people are
doing this publicly btw), Gold Coast also intends to bid for 2015. I
finally have a good supportive team and most of the capital works at
Griffith Uni Gold Coast Campus will be complete by 2015 finally giving
us a decent sized auditorium on the Gold Coast (1000 seats - this has
been a bit of a show stopper for conference bids in the past).

We will also have an uber-cool new light rail rapid-transit station
right next to the venue with a line that will run all the way down to


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