[Linux-aus] LA Grant request - Vietnamese Open Source training

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Fri Mar 1 15:38:06 EST 2013

Hi Shaun,
Just a courtesy note to acknowledge receipt of your grant request and to 
thank you for the time in preparing it.

Council is meeting face to face this weekend, and I'm going to include 
it on the agenda for discussion.
Our agenda is long and to ensure that your grant request gets the 
attention it deserves, you may wish to consider some further points in 
aid of the request;

1. What is the grand total that is being requested? A spreadsheet or 
breakdown would be useful
We have a useful template here:

2. Who will the two participants be, what is their professional 
background and what measures to verify this have been taken? Council has 
a duty to members to ensure appropriate due diligence - and these 
questions are in this vein rather than being nit-picky.

3. How will the benefits to be realised from the project be measured? 
For instance, how many people will be trained? What will be the depth of 
that training? How will this be evaluated?

The points around Australian vs overseas focus are valid, and it would 
be useful to draw links between this and Linux Australia's value statement;

Kind regards,

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