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Matthew Lye matthew.lye at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 1 09:03:25 EST 2013

I think this would be an excellent idea and is cost effective compared to
sponsoring people to attend linux.conf.au. If the activity is a 'train the
trainer' type event that it appears to be the long term impacts in
improving the awareness and use of open source software could be

The only question I have is are we regionally focused, or nationally
(including New Zealand) focused.

-Matthew Lye

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On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 3:46 PM, Shaun Nykvist <ninja at kangawallafox.com>wrote:

> Grant request as follows for non-profit activity
> Date:TBA (planned for the second half of the year)
> Project Name: Using open source software to support effective teaching and
> learning practices in Vietnamese schools
> Aim of Project:
> The aim of the project is to empower teacher educators to effectively use
> open source software to build effective teaching and learning experiences
> for students through capacity building workshops.
> Person Responsible for Request: Shaun Nykvist
> Request:
> Promoting opportunities for all through access to better quality education
> is a priority in todays society, particularly in developing countries.
>  Vietnam is a developing country with varied access (some remote areas have
> no access) to information and communication technologies.  One of the
> prohibiting factors is access to suitable software, hardware and expertise.
>  The affordability of using commercial software, which is often seen as the
> only solution, is often not a viable solution.  Open source software
> provides numerous possibilities from the use of learning management systems
> (e.g. Moodle) through to the use of collaborative writing tools.  A
> collaboration of educators in teacher education (universities and schools)
> have asked for support, through the provision of capacity building
> workshops in using open source software to build effective teaching and
> learning experiences for their education students and educators.
> The request to Linux Australia is for financial support to cover travel
>  and some accommodation costs to Vietnam for 2 staff who will  provide the
> capacity building workshops for these educators staff.  This project will
> also be supported by the university with relation to the cost of insurances
> and the cost of normal salary to release staff from the university for this
> period. The cost of flights is approximately $1200 per flight (round trip
> economy saver) and the accommodation is for 4-5 nights at approximately $40
> per night.
> While Linux Australia has in the past supported delegates from abroad to
> attend linux.conf.au, support for this project would be an effective
> means to empower a greater number of delegates who are directly concerned
> with the use of open source software in education and are looking for
> solutions to take back to their communities.
> Cheers
> Shaun
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