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Fri Jun 28 20:03:03 EST 2013

"All nominations are confidential. The person being nominated should not
be advised of their nomination or approached for information at any stage."

I'd like the council however to be the official nominating body as I
think this will give it the application more merit.

So questions:

Anyone think this is a bad idea (and why?) (and how can it be improved)?

Anyone here think the process can be improved while working within the
confidentiality constraints?

Are members of the council happy to deliberate confidentiality on all
applications that I receive (which will at least be mostly completed and
I'll finish off anything that needs to done to the point of signing and
posting it in).

Does anyone want to help (either with a specific person's nomination or
in general)?

Applications with as much detail as possible like this would be
appreciated if people are generally happy. (

If anyone wishes to organise doing a NZ equivalent
( I'd be more than happy to collaborate there

I think this is going to be a great promotion of the open source
community in general (as well as individuals' recognition) as something
of importance to Australian society in general.

I also hope a general round of nominations can be taken every 1-3 years
but lets start with this one first.


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