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>> Agree with David Lyon we need question what sense drives Technology policy.
>> Concentration upon NBN to some houses being connected misleads discussion.
>> Attention needed on fibre optic connection to sub-exchanges, so areas
>> being connected quickly have available a suitable minimum standard for
>> connection speed.
>> Many still lack access to ADSL/2,  mobile internet, satellite or other
>> equivalent services.
>> Need clearer which areas have reasonable services, which do not.
>> Does dial-up of 50 kps  (OK for 1991)  remain the national minimum standard 
>> ?
> From memory, we used to get about 64KB/s via dialup, which gave us download 
> speed of about 10MB/hr (it has recently been up to about 10MB/s, and, 
> sometimes, better).
> But, with the increased spying on us and what we do, and, other interception, 
> by the federal parliament, regardless of how many KB/s we are supposed to 
> get, the actual speeds will probably revert to about the 33.6KB/s  (an even 
> slower) dialup speed, even if we have 6" wide optical fibres in the cables.
> It does not matter whether you have a ferrarri, or a porsche - if you are 
> driving it through deep puddles and muddy paddocks with foot-high grass, and, 
> having to stop and open and close gates, and, drive it over cattle stops, 
> then you can not really maintain an average speed of over 150km/hour.

And, that is if the ASIC does not block access to all of the ISP's - 
"But we had to do it - after all, the "I" does stand for insurrection, 
doesn't it?"

Bret Busby
West Australia

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