[Linux-aus] Political Recognition for Technology in Australia - was Re: Seeking feedback - EFA Citizens Not Suspects campaign

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Thu Jun 27 14:22:57 EST 2013

On Thu, 27 Jun 2013, David Lyon <david.lyon at hackerpads.com> wrote:
> Technology is part of (or is in high-tech economies) manufacturing 
> capability of the country. In Japan or Germany or the USA, it's very 
> central to how
> their economies work.
> We saw Wayne Swann brush away Startup valuation Share Allocation 
> workings and that has had a crushing effect in the Startup Scene. We saw 
> unreasonable Tariff reductions on the Automotive sector smash up that 
> Industry.

Tariff reductions is part of the WTO plan.  They keep talking about "free trade 
agreements" and hoping that the voters don't realise that free trade is only 
good for big corporations not for citizens.  This is more of a globalisation 
issue than a technology issue, we have exactly the same problems with farm 

> Yes, the Government lavishes itself with multi-billion $ NBN that works 
> out per household to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars per install (if 
> not more).


Yes the NBN is expensive, but let's not exaggerate.  The cost of the NBN is 
listed as $37,400,000,000.  If it was to cost $100K per installation then that 
would mean that there could only be 374,000 installations.  According to 
Wikipedia 24,000 customer services were active late last year - that made it 
more than $100K per installation then but they continue to install at more 

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