[Linux-aus] Political Recognition for Technology in Australia - was Re: Seeking feedback - EFA Citizens Not Suspects campaign

David Lyon david.lyon at hackerpads.com
Wed Jun 26 08:01:41 EST 2013

On 25.06.2013 07:24, Paul Shirren wrote:

> http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/government-shelves-controversial-data-retention-scheme-20130624-2oskq.html
> Not quite a resolution. More like a "not at this time" which was good
> enough for the Internet filter though that seems to have turned into 
> an
> unaccountable voluntary monster. I doubt if we will hear anything 
> more
> on the issue from either major party until after the election.

The problem is that we are all significantly less represented than 
people that fish or shoot.

Forgive me if I say this like but years ago there were promises to make 
Australia a clever
country, and I think for years it actually was.

Now things have regressed and technology people have less rights to 
speak (in the political sense)
than Farmers or the Gay movement.

Most of the technology people in Australia are told not to be overtly 
political or commercial
and I can't really understand this. Gay people aren't told to be quiet 
when they want to discuss
things. Yet in Technology, we are the most submissive sector in the 
economy. What gives?

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