[Linux-aus] Mental trauma is real (was Re: Seeking feedback - EFA Citizens Not Suspects campaign)

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Sat Jun 15 20:20:22 EST 2013

On 14/06/13 18:11, Russell Coker wrote:
>   But I think that white
> collar crime isn't such a problem for society.  Do you know anyone who's
> unable to work because of the trauma of white-collar crime?  I've met two
> people on disability pensions from being the victims of armed robbery.

It's certainly a crime that the white collar behaviour that lead to GFC, 
and other market crashes, were either not a criminal act or that no one 
was prosecuted.

I know of folks who has suicided because they've lost life savings due 
to white collar crime (whether GFC style stuff, startup fraud or other). 
Your apparent opinion that families have not suffered trauma, and that 
they themselves didn't - no, cannot similarly suffer in any debilitating 
way, is wrong.

Mental trauma is as real as physical trauma. To even allude to the idea 
- let alone spell out - that mental trauma cannot *ever* be a genuinely 
debilitating condition is deeply, *DEEPLY*, offensive.


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