[Linux-aus] Seeking feedback - EFA Citizens Not Suspects campaign

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Sat Jun 15 11:52:12 EST 2013


> Specifically, we are seeking feedback on;
> 1. The level of comfort in the community in taking a specific
> political position against the proposals
> 2. The type and level of support you believe it would be appropriate
> to provide - such as financial, in kind through raising awareness etc,
> utilising the #DataRetention hashtag etc
> 3. Any other feedback you may wish to provide

I think it's fine, good even, and possibly even essential/critical, for Linux Australia as an organisation to speak out, support and have a clear public opinion on these matters.

Simply put, we're the geeks with a clue on what these things actually mean. We have to speak out on behalf of those who don't see the full implications.
Also, and this was raised by others in the thread as well, there is a strong correlation between freedoms, privacy and free/open source software, open standards, and the like.

Go for it, please.

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