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Hi Kathy,

On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 11:06 AM, Linux Australia Secretary <
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Specifically, we are seeking feedback on;
> 1. The level of comfort in the community in taking a specific political
> position against the proposals

On a personal level, I completely support opposition to overreaching data
retention laws (I put in a submission to the NatSec Inquiry detailing why),
and I'm strongly interested in data privacy and security, personal privacy,
and people's right to control their own data, etc. I talk about the issues
with friends and colleagues (when the context is appropriate) to try to
raise awareness about the issues, and to counter some of the apathy and "if
you've done nothing wrong you've nothing to fear" mentality that often
seems to pervade public discourse. I believe that raising and exploring the
issues with Linux Australia members, and encouraging an ongoing dialogue
about the topic, is an appropriate and useful action.

2. The type and level of support you believe it would be appropriate to
> provide - such as financial, in kind through raising awareness etc,
> utilising the #DataRetention hashtag etc

I don't really know if it's appropriate for Linux Australia to throw weight
behind such a campaign, beyond conducting an awareness campaign to members
(I'm not saying I have reservations about doing so, I just genuinely don't
know whether it falls within the remit of the organisation). I think it's
entirely appropriate to draw members' attention to the issues though.


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