[Linux-aus] OSDC CFP extended to 08 July

OSDC 2013 papers at osdc.org.nz
Fri Jun 7 08:56:10 EST 2013

Can you please forward this to your mailing lists:


We are loving the submissions that are coming through, but we still want 

Our focus this year is security, identity and privacy.

We need YOU as a presenter! Your pet project, what you're currently 
working on, what you'd like to work on. You've got a great idea in your 
head, and and we would like you to speak about it at OSDC2013 Auckland. 
Perhaps someone has suggested that you submit a proposal because they're 
impressed with what you've been doing, or perhaps you've given talks at 
other conferences or events and you'd like to give one here. Perhaps 
you're a repeat speaker, or at least a repeat proposal-submitter and you 
want some hints on how to make it much more likely your talk will be 
accepted. Now you need to read Jacinta Richardson's document on how to 
submit a presentation 

Your presentation should be either 30 or 45 minutes. Please email your 
submission to papers at osdc.org.nz <mailto:papers at osdc.org.nz>. CFP closes 
08 July. Have fun!

Visit www.osdc.org.nz <http://www.osdc.org.nz>for registration and 

Best regards

The OSDC2013 team*

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