[Linux-aus] Australia Honours

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Sat Jul 20 13:14:03 EST 2013

Since I last emailed I've received some warm encouragement, tips as well
as the council endorsement to proceed.

I'll be accepting new nominations until the end of August with the aim
to finalise this by Software Freedom Day on the 21 September 2013 (for
no particular reason).

So this is the process:

1. Think of a living *Australian Citizen* that has made an outstanding
open source contribution.

The application asks for name, DOB, address, phone, email, details on
becoming a citizen if born outside Australia.

If you know these great. Pass them along.

2. Write a paragraph about the person to demonstrates they meet the

The criteria is that the person concerned has:
• demonstrated achievement at a high level;
• made a contribution over and above what might be reasonably expected
through paid employment; or
• whose voluntary contribution to the community stands out from others
who may have also made a valuable contribution.

The degree and value of the contribution, rather than merely length of
service, is the primary focus.

If there are other community awards this person has received please list

If they have made significant code contributions something like the
following that shows the amount of commits in an estimated time cost:

Significant features and why this is relevant to a non technical user
would also be advantageous.

3. Identify Referees

Name/emails initially however if you have more details please provide
them. Referees will be called upon a lot to validate the claims made so
make sure they are familiar with the nominees contribution.

4. Send this to me


Expect to hear back from me asking for more information. I'm
coordinating this so
there isn't duplicate effort however I expect many patches make light work.

If you send me an email with a name and nothing else, and don't provide
further info on follow up, you've wasted your time as well as mine.

The nomination process is secret. If you publicly name a person you have
submitted to me I won't progress the nomination.

If anyone wishes to organise doing a NZ equivalent
(http://gg.govt.nz/honours/) I'd be more than happy to collaborate there

About the information provided:
* I'm going to collate this into a nomination in the form of

and provide this to the LA council.

After the council has confirmed they have submitted or rejected the
application I'll destroy the information I have been given.

Ok. Get thinking and start nominating with reasons.

Daniel Black

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