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Bret Busby bret at busby.net
Mon Jul 1 07:12:20 EST 2013

On Sun, 30 Jun 2013, Russell Coker wrote:

> Why would fixed Internet connections grow to more than one per household and
> office?

I remember, from many years ago, in a unit at Murdoch University, the 
lecturer telling the students that he saw that IPv4 addresses would soon 
run out, as Mercedes Benz had bought up many IP addresses, as each of 
its new cars was to have an individual IP address, and new household 
appliances would also eventually have individual IP addresses.

The IP address allocation that he described, was primarily for the 
purpose of swift fault diagnosis and maintenace, but, that is only one 
example of allocation of IP addresses, and, thence, "Internet 
connections" growing "to more than one per household and office".

Similarly, remote and standalone "CCTV cameras" for security and traffic 
monitoring, "etc, etc, etc" (to quote Yul Brynner, from "The King and 
I"), as just one other example, of many other possible examples, could 
equally have separate IP addresses and, separate "Internet connections".

It is one of those things; "the potential is limited only by people's 

A boarding kennel or cattery, could have continuous connections, and, 
separate IP addresses, for each resident, so that a person could 
communicate, live, via video calls, with their cat or dog, that they 
have boarded out, while the person is away from home.

I believe that some houshold security cameras provide for live video 
feeds that can be monitored vis the World Wide Web, no doubt, each 
camera, having its own IP address.

It is one of those things; "the potential is limited only by people's 

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