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Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Fri Jan 25 17:42:21 EST 2013

On 25 January 2013 12:29, Joshua Hesketh <josh at nitrotech.org> wrote:
> Please find attached my Treasurers report for the period 1st of October
> 2011 through to the 30th of September 2012.
> Additionally our 2012 independent audit is also attached.


> These items will be presented during our AGM next Wednesday at LCA.
> If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them on or off list.
> Should you want to chat at LCA I'm more than happy to.

A few things don't seem to make sense at first look?

 - there's no LCA2013 column in the Profit & Loss on the treasurer's
report? were there really no expenses for LCA2013 by 30th Sept? ah...
that's the "unassigned" due to Xero apparently. lame :-/
 - What's with "Accounts receivable preinvoiced" ?

Hmm, everything else is about the budget table, which is nice.

 - PyCon had a $3k loss (for 2011) against the $6k gain (for 2012);
probably should be mentioned against the budget? (Pycon 2011 was $22k
gain last year, $15k above budget though)
 - Same deal for Wordcamp, by the looks -- the gain for Wordcamp
Sydney is booked against the budget, but the loss for Wordcamp
Goldcoast isn't (it'd made $2746 in 2011 against losing $2208 in 2012
by the looks)
 - Drupal Down Under's dropped from the budget? what's the deal there?
 - BCM (Bar Camp Melbourne?) and JDM (Joomla Day Melbourne?) aren't on
the budget for 2013? should they be?

I put together the 2011 and 2012 budget/actuals into a spreadsheet for
comparison [attached]. Looks like:

 - grants/donations/sfd budget has gone from $25k to $30k in 2013, but
actual spend has gone from $14k to $11k actually spent?
 - storage costs seem to be going up? $2500 budget in 2011, $3500
actual in 2011, $5700 actual in 2012? what's with that?
 - the "Travel (team review)" budget seems to be higher than
expectations (as reflected in the new budget)? what's that for?
 - looks like the total budget figures differ from actual by ($2700)
in 2011 (some income missed?), and by $8700 in 2012 (PyCon and
Wordcamp as mentioned above account for some of that, though there's
BCM and JDM too...)

Otherwise, looks good. I assume the budget table is maintained by
hand? Is there any way to get that generated by Xero so it matches the
official financials?

Hmm, page 4 of the audit report looks wrong -- the first balance
should be 31 Dec 2010, not 31 Dec 2011. The 30 Sep 2011 balance
differs from the 2012 Treasurer's report by $2 too... Oh, the bottom
line of the 2013 Treasurer's report and audit report differs by $2


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