[Linux-aus] Macquarie University is a big deal for SugarCRM

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Fri Feb 22 00:37:40 EST 2013

A $2 million contract between Macquarie University and InsightfulCRM is 
the largest single SugarCRM deal in the global education sector.
A campus-wide CRM system for Macquarie University has been implemented 
by InsightfulCRM using the open-source SugarCRM.

The system will be used to help the university deal with current and 
prospective students as well as academic staff and commercial partners.

"When we looked at how to introduce customer relationship management 
ideas and technology in a higher-ed context, we realised that 
interaction and adaptability are what really matter," said Macquarie 
University CIO Marc Bailey.

"Although there are off-the-shelf solutions to educational CRM, at the 
bottom of the iceberg there is a multiplicity of integration targets 
where generic approaches just don't fit.
"Naturally, entirely custom alternatives aren't viable either from cost 
and agility perspectives.

"Open source, in this case SugarCRM, delivers value from both worlds – 
generic where you can be, custom where you can't," said Bailey.

InsightfulCRM CEO Marc Englaro said his company has been working with 
the university for two years on the rollout of the CRM system across the 
various departments and providing integration with multiple systems.


good news for opensource and congratulations Marc


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