[Linux-aus] Announcing my running for LA President

Ben McGinnes ben at adversary.org
Mon Feb 4 02:35:57 EST 2013

On 14/01/13 4:11 PM, Tim Ansell wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> At the urging of a number of previous committee members I have
> decided to accept my nomination too run for the Linux Australia
> President. If elected to this position I have an agenda of changes I
> wish to make. These changes are based on many discussions with
> people in the community, including current and previous committees.
> These are documented at the following locations;

I think you might want to consider an alternative trading name or
you're likely to encounter confusion between your proposed Open Source
Australia and the already existing Open Source Industry Australia
(OSIA), which is nearly a decade old.

Disclaimer: I'm a founding member of both OSIA and its predecessor
organisation, Open Source Victoria (OSV).


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