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Hey Josh (and list),

Kirsten did reply to my email, as you can see below. I don't know why the
CC to the list didn't come through. :( Hopefully this one does.


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Hi Brianna (and all :)

answers inside text . .

On 18 April 2013 22:45, Brianna Laugher <brianna.laugher at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Kirsten,
> It seems like you guys are really organised, which is awesome :)

Getting there . .

> The in-kind/infrastructure support from LA seems like a no-brainer to me,
> but I am a little unclear about the scope of work to be funded as
> "developer time".
> I am a bit confused about the software OFWF is proposing to develop. There
> is a graphic about the Open Food Network at
> http://openfoodweb.org/foundation/ofn/ . Is the CollabCo wiki intended to
> be the basis of the OFN? Or is it being set up to make a space to start
> developing a separate piece of software which is the OFN?

The OFWF will ultimately support multiple software platforms. Open Food
Network is the first 'flagship' project that we are actively developing and
using (code at https://github.com/eaterprises/openfoodweb). It is already
underway (and precedes the formation of the OFWF). The CollabCo wiki will
support the community involved in developing this project, as well as
others to come.

> Do you have/expect to find volunteer developers to lead work on the OFN,
> or are you intending to fund that work in some way as well?
> Yes we have some volunteers contributing to development of the OFN and are
always open to more. We are also pursuing funding from a range of sources
to accelerate development and use of OFN.

> What state are CollabForge releasing CollabCo in? Is it a case of "dump
> and run" open source release, with work needed to make it generic,
> standardise installation, documentation etc? (is this work intended as part
> of OFWF's application or would you just be doing the work to get it going
> for your own needs?)

CollabCo does need some work, but it's certainly not 'dump and run' -
Collabforge are committed to releasing it in a form that will be useful for
lots of people. We would not be taking on all this work ourselves, but
setting it up for us will contribute to that effort. It will also help to
demonstrate the value of the platform outside of a typical 'policy'
environment and hopefully help to attract other people and resources to
help :)

Thanks for your thoughtful questions!

> cheers
> Brianna
> On 8 April 2013 21:52, Kirsten Larsen <kirsten at eaterprises.com.au> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> As a new member of Linux Australia, I firstly say hello :)
>> Secondly, please find attached some information about our new
>> organisation (the Open Food Web Foundation) and a request for some support
>> to get established.
>> More information is in the attached document, but in summary we are an
>> Australian non-profit, established in October 2012 with the express aim to
>> develop, accumulate and protect open source knowledge, code, applications
>> and platforms for fair and sustainable food systems.
>> We are requesting assistance from Linux Australia, in the form of:
>>    - Infrastructure - potential VPS hosting of the OFW Foundation
>>    collaborative community, as well as production and development applications
>>    of Open Food Network software and sys admin support if possible /
>>    appropriate; and
>>    - $2,000 for developer time to translate and set-up the CollabCo
>>    system for our organisation. We will then have a collaborative online space
>>    from which to build the Open Food Web Foundation community and projects
>>    (see attached explanation).
>> We anticipate that the second item would be completed and launched within
>> two months. We will prominently acknowledge Linux Australia as a partner on
>> the website and provide the link to the Linux user group.
>> Thanks to those who have provided guidance and support so far, and we
>> look forward to comments and suggestions from others
>> Regards,
>> Kirsten
>> Director, Open Food Web Foundation
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