[Linux-aus] Grant Inquiry: Open Food Web Foundation

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Mon Apr 29 10:24:12 EST 2013

Hello Kirsten,

Thank you for your patience in this. As you may have seen from our
minutes during our meeting last week we discussed your grant request.
>   *
>     Request from Open Food Web from KIRSTEN LARSEN and next actions
> Request was discussed in terms of precedence, alignment with values of 
> Linux Australia etc. Awaiting response from Kirsten to Brianna. 
> Comfortable with hosting request, further information needed around 
> developer time, licensing implications.
> NOTED that Microsoft Word documents / .docx format is not ideal for a 
> grant submission to Linux Australia 
> MOTION Council to work with Admin Team to provide appropriate VPS to 
> Open Food Web

We were unable to reach a decision in regards to the second half of your
grant request as we'd like a few further clarifications. If you are able
to respond to Brianna Laugher's email we feel that she had some valid

In regards to helping with hosting and VPS's we've approved your request
and we'd be happy to assist. I will shoot an email to get things rolling.


On 08/04/13 19:47, Kirsten Larsen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> As a new member of Linux Australia, I firstly say hello :)
> Secondly, please find attached some information about our new
> organisation (the Open Food Web Foundation) and a request for some
> support to get established.
> More information is in the attached document, but in summary we are an
> Australian non-profit, established in October 2012 with the express
> aim to develop, accumulate and protect open source knowledge, code,
> applications and platforms for fair and sustainable food systems.
> We are requesting assistance from Linux Australia, in the form of:
>   * Infrastructure - potential VPS hosting of the OFW Foundation
>     collaborative community, as well as production and development
>     applications of Open Food Network software and sys admin support
>     if possible / appropriate; and
>   * $2,000 for developer time to translate and set-up the CollabCo
>     system for our organisation. We will then have a collaborative
>     online space from which to build the Open Food Web Foundation
>     community and projects (see attached explanation).
> We anticipate that the second item would be completed and launched
> within two months. We will prominently acknowledge Linux Australia as
> a partner on the website and provide the link to the Linux user group.  
> Thanks to those who have provided guidance and support so far, and we
> look forward to comments and suggestions from others
> Regards,
> Kirsten
> Director, Open Food Web Foundation 

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