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Brian Gilbert - Realityloop Pty Ltd brian at realityloop.com
Fri Sep 21 10:49:31 EST 2012

Hi All,

I'd really appreciate your time to look over and hopefully approve this request.

October 6/7, 2012

Project Name
Drupal core code sprint in Melbourne

Aim of Project
Help new people get involved in Drupal core development, by running a day long sprint.

We'll be bringing experienced core developers together to mentor new Drupal developers and bringing them up to speed whilst also tackling issues from the Drupal.org core queues.

By the end of the day, we will have a) helped create some new contributors to Drupal core and b) fixed / triaged a bunch of issues from the Drupal 8 core issue queue.

Justin will also be presenting about upcoming Drupal 8 features at the October Drupal meetup in Melbourne the following Tuesday.

Person Responsible for Request
Brian Gilbert - http://drupal.org/user/139189

$207 - Funding for a Sydney - Melbourne return flight
$100 - Lunch for attendees (will cover subway sandwiches and soft drinks)

This flight will bring Justin Randell (https://drupal.org/user (https://drupal.org/user/38580)/38580 (https://drupal.org/user/38580) - beejeebus) to the sprint from Sydney. Justin is Australia's most active Drupal core contributor. 

Best Regards,

Brian Gilbert
Realityloop Pty Ltd
Consulting | Web Solution Provider | Drupal Specialist

T: +61 419 327 646 (tel:%2B61%20419%20327%20646) | brian at realityloop.com (mailto:brian at realityloop.com) | http://realityloop.com/


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