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Andrew Stone andrew at drivenlogic.com.au
Fri Nov 9 17:20:03 EST 2012

> "Can a one person business as some FOSS practitioners are, ever be
> defined as professional?"

Brenda, that question reads like a stunt to elicit unprofessional responses
on a mailing list! :)

I can tell you the answer is "Yes"


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On 9 November 2012 17:04, Russell Coker <russell at coker.com.au> wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Nov 2012, Brenda Aynsley <bpa at iss.net.au> wrote:
> > What are the elements that would make the FOSS practitioner a
> professional?
> >
> > Is it technical skills and mastery?  Is that enough?  Does Project
> > Management and business acumen factor into it?  What else?
> Project Management etc would only be a factor if they are doing work that
> involves such things.  If we consider Medicine as a career that has high
> professional standards, it's quite possible for someone to choose a career
> in
> a hospital or medical center that doesn't involve business skills if they
> wish
> - they can just do what you might call "technical work".
> If someone wants a job where they just do technical work 40 hours a week
> and
> have someone else do the project management etc then that doesn't mean that
> they are unprofessional.  What is unprofessional is seeking work that you
> aren't qualified for, and this is something that is forced by the cultural
> expectation that everyone should strive for promotion at all times.
> > Can a one person business as some FOSS practitioners are, ever be
> > defined as professional?
> I think a more reasonable question is whether a multi-national consulting
> company who's management is far removed from the needs of the customers can
> ever be professional.  If you define professional behavior to include
> acting in
> the best interests of the client even when it's not in your own best
> interests
> then the larger companies seem to have a poor record.
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