[Linux-aus] LCA 2011 list archives

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sat Nov 3 22:41:21 EST 2012


What happened to the LCA 2011 list archives which used to be at the above URL?  
Can they be restored?


The issue of the comments about rape that Ted Ts'o made after LCA2011 is still 
being actively discussed, the above Ada Initiative blog post covered the 


Matthew Garrett wrote a recent blog post about this which is more strongly 
worded (see above).


I previously covered a number of issues related to that discussion at the 
above URL.  In retrospect I was probably too nice about it, I think I had 
unreasonable hopes that the people involved would realise the error of their 
ways.  I sent private email to Ted about this at the time but he didn't reply.

With all the ongoing discussion I think we need to have a reliable central 
point for the original archives.  Having lots of copies of this stuff floating 
around doesn't help things in any way.

Archive.org has a copy of all of it, so anyone can find this if they wish 
(subject to slow page load times).  But really it should all be in one 
location were everyone can read it and Google search it.

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