[Linux-aus] Should we change? (Was: Re: Should we change? Yes. To change is to grow.)

Patrick Elliott-Brennan mail at elliott-brennan.id.au
Tue May 1 10:41:29 EST 2012

On 30 April 2012 21:31, Jon "maddog" Hall <maddog at li.org> wrote:
> [I started writing this, and it grew a bit as I tried to combine issues
> of long names, short names and marketing.  As such it might seem a bit
> of a "flame" in parts.  Please do not take it that way.]
Hi Maddog,

There was nothing 'hot' or 'combustible' in what you wrote. I
certainly didn't take is as any form of harassment or unpleasantness.
Seemed rather civil actually.

Names carry such cache and meaning and we all develop attachments of
varying strengths to them.

Even though I'm not certain of the need for a name change, if we
eventually do change someone needs an award for coming up with the
name :)




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