[Linux-aus] LA Name Change - the process

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Fri Jul 20 21:31:49 EST 2012

If it were simple we wouldn't have this argument. You're being offensive and dismissive.

On 20/07/2012, at 10:33 AM, Anestis Kozakis wrote:

> On 20 July 2012 10:23, Michael Davies <michael at the-davies.net> wrote:
>> On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 9:34 AM, Gary Allpike <gary at allpikes.com.au> wrote:
>>> It appears to me there is another agenda here, but no one will actually come
>>> out and say what it is.
>> http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/photos/uncategorized/2008/03/25/tinfoil_db52b2f10e7fa983f0f9d799a20.jpg
> Yup, exactly.  It seems some people can't understand a simple premise
> - that Linux Australia needs to change their name.
> This is because it is perceived (not just by me, but by others as
> well) as just an administrative body that gives money and does other
> admin work for LUGs and other ordanisations and sub-committees.
> Apart from Linux.conf, when was the last time Linux Australia did any
> Linux advocacy?  When was the last time we saw a link to an article or
> news item that had a quote form someone representing Linux Australia
> regarding the promotion/use of Linux?
> It's simple.  Linux Australia changes it's name to [Insert Umbrella
> Administrative Organisation Name here], thus leaving the Linux
> Australia name to be used by people who will do actual Linux promotion
> and advocacy within Australia (and New Zealand, etc), which then is
> able to receive funding from the aforementioned Umbrella organisation.
> This Umbrella Organisation can then have it's own mailing list, where
> other orgs and sub-committees, including Linux Australia, can then ask
> for grants, funding, insurance coverage, etc.
> There is no conspiracy theory. No hidden agenda.
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