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I think you're getting things entirely back to front.

If Linux Australia is falling down in the area of Linux advocacy, then the
organisation should do something about that.

Instead, what is being said is "We don't want to do /are not  doing  Linux
advocacy anymore, so let's take all the assets of the organisation that was
established to do that, create a new organisation  and do something else
with them".

How about "Let's start using our assets and resources to do some Linux

If you want an organisation to do something else, then create a new

This new "umbrella organisation" has a dubious claim  to be able to  take
the accumulated assets of LA and use them for a myriad of other purposes as
it sees fit.

Now, don't get me wrong here - I am all for promoting and encouraging all
sorts of other FOSS projects and activities. I also believe that the
committee and volunteers that put so much in to the organisation are truly
generous and special people in that they contribute so much time and effort
in running the show. They are to be applauded. I also do not believe that
any member of the committee has any agenda for personal gain or to damage
Linux Australia but I remain convinced that this whole idea is misguided. My
own involvement has been minimal in recent years due to things like having
children and greater work commitments, and I acknowledge that I have no
special claim to be able to direct the focus of the organisation but no
matter how I look at this I just don't see the value in it.

However, I don't think that LA should be reduced to the status of a
subcommittee of some other organisation.  Why can't there be a new
organisation formed of which LA is a substantial sponsor/donor? Why does LA
effectively have to cease to exist?

Also, what is wrong with being a body that provides resources to LUG's and
other groups? Why can't that be done under the auspices of Linux Australia?
Remember, although there may be some shift in focus now Linux Australia
exists because of Linux. The organisation was not founded for any other
reason. At the time of creation there was no thought of any other FOSS
projects being part of that. If Linux Australia wants to encompass other
FOSS ideals and projects, then by all means do so - but that's not a reason
to not be Linux Australia any more.

Linux Australia should not have to ask for grants from some other
organisation to get access to money and resources that are already its own.
I think that the to take those resources and selectively dole them out or
indeed deny Linux Australia access to them amounts to little more than a

What is so wrong with the process where other orgs and sub committees ask LA
for money/support that that process has to be out sourced to some other



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On 20 July 2012 10:23, Michael Davies <michael at the-davies.net> wrote:
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>> It appears to me there is another agenda here, but no one will 
>> actually come out and say what it is.
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Yup, exactly.  It seems some people can't understand a simple premise
- that Linux Australia needs to change their name.

This is because it is perceived (not just by me, but by others as
well) as just an administrative body that gives money and does other admin
work for LUGs and other ordanisations and sub-committees.

Apart from Linux.conf, when was the last time Linux Australia did any Linux
advocacy?  When was the last time we saw a link to an article or news item
that had a quote form someone representing Linux Australia regarding the
promotion/use of Linux?

It's simple.  Linux Australia changes it's name to [Insert Umbrella
Administrative Organisation Name here], thus leaving the Linux Australia
name to be used by people who will do actual Linux promotion and advocacy
within Australia (and New Zealand, etc), which then is able to receive
funding from the aforementioned Umbrella organisation.

This Umbrella Organisation can then have it's own mailing list, where other
orgs and sub-committees, including Linux Australia, can then ask for grants,
funding, insurance coverage, etc.

There is no conspiracy theory. No hidden agenda.

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