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Brent Wallis brent.wallis at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 22:02:55 EST 2012


On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 5:41 PM, Anestis Kozakis <kenosti at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 13 July 2012 16:31, Brent Wallis <brent.wallis at gmail.com> wrote:
> > How about this as an alternative:
> > How bout if those that think the LA name is bad for them just run off and
> > start their own org?
> [snip]
> > In short, I call on  those that are buzzing out this name change
> > spin/script/meme/"pointy at the constitution wanky"  just go and play
> with
> > their own toys!
> >
> > Set up your own org, spend your own time and effort to create what you
> want.
> > Leave LA alone!
> > Stop the hijack!
> >
> > BW
> I call on those objecting to a name change to go and create their own
> org and do as they wish.  They can call it Linux Australis, or Linus
> Aurealis, or Linus Down under.
> See, it kind of works both ways doesn't it.
> Nope.
The logic here is nonsensical and misses the fact that the newly named org
want to KEEP LA.

> As I said, if you had read my e-mail, LA has the perception of being
> more Admin than about Linux promotion and advocacy.  A name change is
> good, as then LA becomes "Umbrella Administrative Organisation" \,
> leaving Linux Australia to be about promoting and advocating Linux.
> Why is this concept so hard for people to grasp?
> Management of said perception is in the hands of committee.
Some of us ( a sad and sorry minority unfortunately) view this name change
as being a band aid on a failure to communicate.

> No one is hijacking Linux Australia.   Just formalising and
> re-arranging the organisational structure as it currently exists.
> Linux Australia will still be there, with people to advocate and
> promote Linux, as it should be.
> Then again, there will always be people who object to change just for
> the sake that it is change.
>  Ah, the "philistine gambit."
Those that know the true me , that know what we do....know this is not a

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