[Linux-aus] LCA2014 update

Paul Gear paul at gear.dyndns.org
Tue Aug 28 17:26:57 EST 2012

On 08/28/2012 03:55 PM, John Ferlito wrote:
> ...
> I think that a lot of us think that LCA is too hard and that's why
> nobody is putting there hand up any more. So I'd like to see a lot of
> discussion around doing LCA smarter rather than better. For example
> should we
> * Hold it in the same city every year?

This is one thing that i would vote strongly against from the consumer 
perspective.  Because i have to pay for the conference myself, the only 
times i've been able to make it to LCA & OSDC have been when it was held 
locally.  I don't know how many others are like this; i suspect the 
majority of people get their work to pay for their attendance and 

> ...
> We have quite a lot of people now running quite successful 2 day
> conferences.

I think that may be part of the problem - we've diluted the value of LCA 
by having so many other side conferences.  Many (most?) of us can only 
afford one conference per year, both from the time and money 
perspectives.  As a contractor, not only do i have to pay for the 
conference myself, but i sacrifice the income that i would be making on 
those days/week as well.


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