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Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Tue Aug 28 10:05:05 EST 2012

Hi Nathan, all

> I'm not sure I understand this statement? The accessibility guidelines
> apply to all organisations, regardless of their audience. Universities
> are particularly exposed because they typically have a very broad user
> base, inclusive of many learning difficulties (vision impairment - but
> also dyslexia [not strictly a legal accessibility issue]). The most
> prominent case in accessibility law is an Australian organisation -
> SOCOG (the Sydney Olympic Games).

That's what I thought.

> As for Arjen's original question - it's a lot easier to get people
> beyond "Windows-only" by showing mobile device adoption, but that may
> only get you to Windows, unless you also include Android. But it is
> always worth reporting it - as Bob notes, eventually the weight of
> many voices will have an impact.

Yes so the message was about OS (says "Windows and Mac"), not browser.
I will test this further with the browser agent string.

As I mentioned it's an external service, possibly US based.
It doesn't link from a providing university, it's something OUA (Open Universities Australia) provides, using that external service.

Since OUA in particular relies on the students working online, not limiting by platform becomes even more important. I'll make sure to test it with iPad and Android Ids as well and agree that that may indeed be a very good angle - the number of Windows tablets is minimal whereas iPads and Android tablets are prolific and growing.

> I'm not sure how accessibility applies to browser specificity (ie. if
> they can respond "It is accessible for platform X"). You could check
> with Gian Wild (accessibilityoz.com.au) who is an Aussie expert on
> this stuff.

Cool - thanks!

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