[Linux-aus] Request - A UEFI Education page on Linux Australia Website?

Brent Wallis brent.wallis at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 12:26:24 EST 2012

Dear LA Council,

May we place a page on the Linux Australia Website specifically designed to
educate and debate the issues around UEFI Secure Boot?
I am happy to do the content work (with help from scribes like KR) and
submit anything for approval before it is posted.

My original list post on the matter is below.

After much research, have come to the conclusion that my original idea of a
press statement would be ineffective at this point in time.

Am a little surprised, comment on this has dried up!
But it ain't gonna go away and we need to deal with it!


A press release at this stage would not bode well.
This whole issue is a work in progress, like grabbing at soap bubbles.

But we can not leave things be.

I think LA Australia can service the community by helping with education on
the matter.
Once education (and hopefully understanding) can be established, press
releases can/should follow.

LA Council:
My thinking has changed.
A press release in any form at this point would fall on deaf ears, or
worse, make us look foolish given the fluid nature of the issue.

Could we please establish a page via the LA website with these specific

- A non emotive (as un bias as possible) pre-amble on the whole UEFI / UEFI
secure boot issue with simple descriptions(that may change over time) of
the UEFI implementation process.
- Links to blogs/releases/info on UEFI for as many distros as possible
(sample being Fedora/RH, Suse, Debian, Mint ,... ..<add your preference
- A link to the FSF releases on the matter.
- Links to any releases/blogs/info from manufacturers.
- Links to any blogs from individuals that do kernel work and have to deal
with this.

In short, a nexus for information on UEFI and how it will affect Linux in
Once established....then press releases would follow, and, would be far
more likely to be noticed.

Comment welcome.
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