[Linux-aus] Should we change? Yes. To change is to grow.

Russell Stuart russell-linuxaus at stuart.id.au
Mon Apr 30 16:50:21 EST 2012

On Mon, 2012-04-30 at 16:10 +1000, Chris Neugebauer wrote:
> Hilariously, you *do* actually know what it's called.  It's "AFL".  In
> this case, the AFL has done a fantastic job of making themselves
> completely indistinguishable from the sport they represent (Australian
> Rules Football) to the casual observer.

After I sent that I wondered if I had embarrassed myself and it was just
the AFL as you say.

Turns out I got lucky.  According to Wikipedia the name of AFL governing
body is the "AFL Commission".  It changed it's name in 1993 from
"Australian National Football Council".  Wikipedia says the name AFL
refers to the top level league, and it was the thing called the VFL
prior to 1990.  Maybe there are other Australian Football leagues - like
under 18's.

So today I (and apparently you) learnt something.  Prior to today if
someone asked my to write a cheque to the "AFL Commission" I would have
asked "do they have anything to do with the game of Australian Rules
Football"?   I suspect we aren't a minority - most Australian's would
have to make a guess at who they are.  They seem to be doing just fine
even so.

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