[Linux-aus] Should we change? Yes. To change is to grow.

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I have been following this discussion for some time.  I have seen good
arguments on both sides.

I would like to suggest an approach of having a parent organization that
is "Free and Open Culture of Australia" or something as encompassing of
your value statement as you can get.  This organization would lend its
resources and "umbrella" to as many organizations as it feels fits that
value statement.  This has been suggested before.

The fear that I hear some people voicing is the very real danger that
"Linux Australia" (that has been doing a great job IMHO) in staffing up
this new organization will lose focus or energy to keep either this new
organization going or that the Linux part of "Linux Australia" will
falter.  The value of the brand "Linux Australia" (which has both good
and bad parts to it), might be lost.

What if you kept the organization the same for right now but had a
dual-name?  Or use the tag-line approach I suggested before:

o "Linux Australia: Free and Open Culture of Australia"

o "Free and Open Culture of Australia: The organization formerly known
as Linux Australia"

This would help the transition of your base without causing too much
confusion (IMHO).

Then add the concept of "brands" or "trademarks" that are not
necessarily tied to the name of the organization.

"Proctor and Gamble" (the organization) makes the products "Crest" and
"Old Spice".

In your case the Organizational name is the new one and "Linux
Australia" is the brand of the "Linux".  linux.conf.au is the event put
on by the "Linux Australia" brand.

Then separate out the "mechanisms" that benefit Python, Drupal and the
other organizations, including one for "Linux Australia".  Each
organization has their own "brands", and perhaps their own conferences,
with a "federated" conference every year for either new things (that do
not have enough following for their own brand or conference) or things
that are "winding down" and need a place for their users to meet.

I think if you took this strategy you would meet the needs of everyone,
have a path forward and not duplicate a lot of mechanism.

Just a suggestion,


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