[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name

Chris Neugebauer chrisjrn at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 19:59:45 EST 2012

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 19:52, Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:
> Then, as the risk of repeating myself, yet again, the only option you have
> if you don't want to explain that, is to become your own legal entity,
> because I can see you answering  "other" questions if not about linux, about
> other things... and seriously

I'm not sure how you perceive it as being the only option.

> how much effort is to explain it isn't going towards linux anyway? Far far
> LESS I imagine than the 20 plus posts you have made arguing for a name
> change I'm sure in this thread, especially when all you're doing is saying
> the same thing, just worded differently each time.

As per Peter Lieverdink's previous message, it's not just about the
ones I have to explain it to, but the people who see "Linux" over the
website and sponsorship prospectus and don't make contact that we can
help avoid.

If I honestly believed the collective effort it would take to explain
to sponsors in future were less than I've spent arguing this point on
this mailing list, you can bet that that's the path I'd take.  Because
I have a conference to run, this year and next. I have a limited
amount of time, and I seriously believe that I'd save a lot of effort
and put on a better conference if this issue didn't exist.

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