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PyCon Australia is actually a subcommittee of LA, which is very different
from LA being a sponsor. The subcommittee policy explains exactly what a
subcommittee is (http://www.linux.org.au/policies/sub-committee).

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> >
> > Isn't this more of a problem with the way the sponsorship is promoted?
> > Did anyone have to explain why IBM sponsored LCA?  ("No no, it's not a
> > conference about running Linux on IBM mainframes.")
> >
> No, the issue I'm referring to is having to explain the function of
> Linux Australia, as the parent body of PyCon Australia.  That is,
> Linux Australia is the body who issues our invoices, and to whom
> sponsors address their payments.
> This is entirely different to, say, IBM, which is one of many
> organisations providing sponsorship.  IBM have no "control" over LCA
> as such.  LA is the sole body responsible for PyCon Australia -- they
> provide the seed funding, and they take the profit once the conference
> is done.
> Think of it as "PyCon Australia, a Linux Australia Conference".
> It is *that* capacity that I have to explain to sponsors who are
> interested in giving PyCon Australia money -- who gets the money in
> the end, and what their purpose is.  Writing out a cheque to "Linux
> Australia" when they're supporting a Python conference feels dubious.
> If Linux Australia were "just another sponsor", I think your argument
> would have sway, but instead I have to explain the function of Linux
> Australia as an organisation that underwrites Open Source conferences.
> I hope this makes sense.
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