[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name?

John Ferlito johnf at inodes.org
Sun Apr 22 15:44:48 EST 2012


Linux Australia has been around for over ten years and we are no longer an
organisation focussed mainly on Linux and running LCA each year. All of our
members use or contribute to open source projects in one form or another. Linux
Australia has also become involved in open source and open culture events that
are not specifically related to Linux.

We think it is time for us to change the name of our organisation to have it
more accurately represent the focus of our community.

The council wants the community to discuss this potential name change and if
required, an appropriate name. One name that seems to accurately reflect our
shared values and our direction is Open Source Australia.

What we would like to hear from you, the membership, is your feeling about such
a name change and if this particular suggested name doesn't resonate with you,
is there one that's a better fit?

Linux.conf.au is our largest and longest running conference and we don't
believe we need to change its name. The reputation and wide recognition of the
LCA brand is important to the future of linux.conf.au.

We also don't intend to relinquish the Linux Australia brand or the
linux.org.au domain name. They will be useful during the transition to another
name and we intend to maintain their registrations for as long as it makes
sense to do so.

Linux Australia Council

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